Korean government will expand CNG buses for public transportation
2009-03-18 9845

Vehicles account for 65% of the air pollution in urban areas. Especially heavy duty trucks and large buses account for 36% of the air pollution caused by all vehicles. Korean government has been promoting CNG(Compressed Natural Gas) powered vehicles since 2000. Government subsidizes bus operators when an operator purchases a CNG bus by exempting the Value Added and acquisition taxes. Government also subsidizes 22.5 million won per CNG bus unit directly to operators.
In result so far, there are 17,445 units of CNG buses in Korea and numbers will reach at 26,100 units by 2012.
Korean government also expand the promotion program from city bus to surburban bus, town bus, airport limousine bus, school bus and commuting bus. Daewoo Bus, as a pioneer of the CNG bus, in Korea will get an opportunity to extend its market share in the whole bus industry.
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Daewoo CNG(Compressed Natural Gas) Bus presentation in Korean Broadcas... 2009-03-13 12593