2011 Seoul Motor Show, Daewoo Bus unveils Online Electric Bus and Clean Diesel Hybrid Inter-City Bus 30299
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The 2011 Seoul Motor Show wrapped up its 11-day run on April 10, bringing the total 1,005,460 vistors since it kicked off on March 31.

This year's event attracted 111 Korean firms and 28 foreign companies from eight countries. Some 59 new models were showcased on press day, including six making their worldwide debuts -- Daewoo Bus BC211M Online Electric Bus. and etc.

In Seoul Motor Show 2011, Daewoo Bus has unveiled BC211M Online Electric Bus and FX116 Clean Diesel Hybrid Inter-City Bus to reinforced its product line-up with the buses powered by clean fuel energy in accordance with Government promotion policy of eco friendly industry.

FX116 Clean Diesel Hybrid Inter-City Bus was co-developed with the Korea Institute of Machinery & Material under a request by Korea Petroleum Association. This so called a Clean Diesel Hybrid Bus, firstly in Korea, is combined with clean diesel engine satisfying low emission Euro 5 and high tech parallel hybrid system of Eaton Co. that utilizes both diesel and electric power and its hybrid power. The system in Daewoo Diesel Hybrid Bus can be operated simultaneously or independently by using the power of engine or motor according to running conditions. So the bus can reduce fuel consumption up to 40 % and air -pollution materials up to 30% compared to existing CNG buses.

Daewoo Bus, together with KAIST(The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology ), developed the next-generation On-line Electric Bus based on its BC211M mid-floor city bus. An innovative high technology, the Online Electric Bus is wirelessly charged in real time while running on the road through power cables installed under the road surface. This is highly competitive in terms of battery weight, charging time, capacity, price level and operation distance, which is superior to the existing battery-only electric buses.
Clean Diesel Hybrid City Bus on actual bus routes in Korea 2011-02-16 28561